From a young age, Hans was captivated by his grandfather’s love of fishing. From hand-strung jigs to hand-made plastic molded lures, every copy of In-Fisherman to every episode of any fresh water TV show you can think of.   Family fishing trips turned into a lifelong passion. Hans quickly became a go-to fisherman in Western New York, teaching his craft and continuing to pick up new and better ways to further his passion. In 2008 he co-founded Red October Baits which went on to be a successful business in the musky fishing world.

With his extensive knowledge of fish anatomy from upwards of 25 years of experience handling and studying fish, Hans found he was able to apply his artistic side to his passion in a way that many carvers cannot boast. With extreme attention to detail, Hans is able to bring a prize fish to life – and with it…, a memory. His family’s “fish book” is the stuff of legends with photos of friends and family spanning decades. It’s being able to encapsulate these precious moments that gives Hans joy.

These carvings aren’t just about the fish. They’re about everything that surrounds them.