• Specializing in 360 degree sculpted fish reproductions made of wood, polycarbonate, and epoxy.
  • Fish carvings are most often made upon request for customers looking for a unique and realistic way to display their trophy catch.
  • All fish sculptures are carved from kiln dried western red cedar unless a different wood is requested
  • UV resistant paints and multiple lacquer clearcoats ensure a long lasting and durable piece of art.
  • Every scale is hand burned to create a realistic texture to the fish.
  • Every fin is carved out of polycarbonate and heat bent to match the motion of the project and ensure a transparent realistic fin.
  • Every glass eye is hand painted to match the fish.
  • Multiple painting techniques used in many layers to create a realistic “depth” to the replica.
  • Decorative bases are custom made for each project depending on customer preferences.